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Witch Hazel - 16oz

Witch Hazel - 16oz

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Extract from the witch hazel shrub facilitates toning and strengthening of the skin, making it useful for the entire tattoo process.  It soothes the skin by reducing redness, bleeding, and ink rejection. For tattoo artists, the astringent preps the skin for easier work by firming it up. Witch hazel can also be used to maintain ink viscosity while tattooing.


  • Useful before, during, and after a tattoo procedure
  • Extracted from Hamamelis Virginiana (witch-hazel shrub)
  • Active ingredient: Witch Hazel 86%
  • Inactive ingredient: Alcohol 14% by volume


Before: Dilute with 5ml of your usual disinfectant. Then apply onto the skin to prep it for procedure.
During: Use pure on a cotton swab if bleeding.
After: Apply to the affected area as often as necessary

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