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Classic Flash 2: In 5 Bold Colors

Classic Flash 2: In 5 Bold Colors

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With over 100 contemporary flash pieces, "Tilt" and his team of collaborators pay homage to the tattoo artists who have paved the way, while simultaneously looking ahead to the future of tattooing. This second volume of the series builds on the foundation laid by its predecessor by utilizing the classic and bold five colors of black, red, yellow, green, and brown.

Through its vivid imagery, this volume of flash pieces continues to delve into the significance of tattooing's origins and essential foundations, while carving its own unique path in the visual history of this enduring folk art. The broad range of themes covered in this book makes it an ideal addition to any tattoo industry professional's collection.

From the classic designs that have become synonymous with tattooing to the more contemporary and experimental flash, this volume offers a stunning array of inspiration and artistry for tattoo artists and enthusiasts alike. With each piece, the book highlights the importance of honoring the legacy of tattooing while embracing new techniques and styles that continue to push the boundaries of this celebrated art form.

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